Vaping jokes

Is vaping a joke?

Vaping is receiving some bad press in some corners, mainly fueled by ignorance and alternative motives. After all if we all stop smoking and start vaping that means someone is going to loose out. Not the cigarette smokers, no they have stopped smoking cigarettes that contain well known killer ingredients and starting vaping. Then who? Make up your own mind.

Well, let us see now... There is the gum, patch, inhaler, tablets and a few more. Owned by who? At what cost? How effective? These are sold to us as the only alternatives to smoking and the companies that manufacture these products are fairly powerful. It must be a huge loss in revenue to them if vaping is not controlled by them, surly?

All joking aside will vaping be seen as an alternative method to stop smoking in the future, we think so. When enough educated people get involved that has no other hidden motive, strictly independent and non profit orientated.

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