vaping for beginners

Electronic Cigarettes is without doubt the best alternative to a traditional cigarette. The device delivers the nicotine that you are use too in a far safer way by removing the chemicals and smoke. The eCig is a battery operated device that has a heating element known as a atomizer that turns the liquid nicotine into a vapor that you inhale. The eCig comes in many various shapes, sizes and forms that can at first be a bit overwhelming for the vaping beginner.

There are many devices on the market to suit all different types of vaping but in our opinion the battery life, vapor and taste from the EGO-T range of devices is one of the best on the market. The problem with smaller cigarette size devices are they just don't last or perform as well as the EGO-T range.

Most of the smaller devices also don't have the option to refill them so you have to keep buying pre-filled cartridges, which will cost you more money in the long run and has limited flavour’s of e juice.

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