Vaping dry mouth

Vaping Dry Mouth is a real issue vapers must deal with, especially when they first start vaping. Propylene Glycol, one of the four main ingredients of e-liquid is the major cause of dehydration and dry mouth. It is a substance that absorbs and holds in water molecules, preventing them from being absorbed by the body. This is the reason vapers complain of being thirsty all the time, or of having a very dry mouth.

Water is a good cure for dehydration, probably the best cure.Sipping water while you vape, for instance, is supposed to alleviate dry mouth but then so would sipping just about anything. The problem for many vapers is that drinking water, even sipping water, while vaping takes away from the enjoyment of vaping. So, instead of water they will drink coffee, tea, and beer, anything other than water. Since any fluid is going to relieve dry mouth some vapers tend to believe whatever they are consuming is working when in fact it isn’t. This is why some people wind up with headaches, nausea, and even muscle spasms despite drinking fluids while vaping

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