Vaping accessories

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

Comfortable holds two vaper pens, charger and pen cover

 Batteries (2)
Long life 3.7 volt rechargeable manual battery with 5 cliks On/OFF switch. Get up to 10/12 hours use from a fully charged EGO-T 2.0 battery!
- 71mm (650mAh)
- 86mm (900mAh)
- 96mm (1100mAh)

Drip Tips (2)
These are replaceable tips that fit on the clearomizer. Just screw it into the clearomizer.

Drip Tips Covers (2)
These covers go on top of drip tips (mouthpiece) to stop contamination and leakage of e liquid.

Neck Pen Holder
This is a handy leather holder for your vaping pen that can be work around the neck.

Clearomizers (2)
The Clearomizers contain the juice fitted into the firebird battery, it also contains the Atomizer which vapes the liquid.

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