Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions and answers to assist our customers.

 What is e-juice?

E-juice is the name commonly given to the vaping fluid that is used in electronic cigarettes and vaping devices.

 What is e-liquid?

This is another term for e-juice, a vaping liquid that is used in electronic cigarettes.

What is an e-cig?

This is a common term for an electronic cigarette.

What is vaping?

You cannot 'smoke' an electronic cigarette as there is no smoke! The term vaping is used by electronic cigarette users, and applies to the exhaled vapour emitted when using an e-cigarette.

Is vaping bad for you?

There is a lot of information floating about regarding health issues for electronic cigarette users. Is it bad? Well, the best way of answering that is to take a look at the information online and offline. The only advice we can give on this is to always take a look at the facts and the source. Is the information accurate and scientific (based on fact), or is the information an opinion without substance? There are many vested interests in this market and it is really hard to decipher the facts from the scaremongering. One thing we are sure of, traditional cigarette smoking kills and vaping e-cigs seems to be a much healthier alternative. 

How to choose an e-juice flavour?

As there are so many flavours to choose from, it will be a question of trial and error before you find the e-juice that suits your taste best. Usually, people who vape start on the tobacco flavoured e-juice first. As time progresses, they experiment with more variations of flavours until they discover the ones they like. Remember that not all brands are the same, so an apple e-juice flavour from one company may be very different to an apple e-juice from another company.

What vaping device to use?

There are lots of vaping devices and e-cigarettes on the market today. The quality varies greatly between brands and devices. Not all devices that look the same are the same. The market is awash with cheap makes and badly made vaping devices that do not last. The vaping devices that we recommend have been selected and fully tested by ourselves, with excellent results. 

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