Electronic Cigarette Brands

Vape Networks has developed a major brand; the 'EGOFIREBIRD' vaping device range, for the electronic cigarette industry. We always seek to offer the best devices to the vaping world,  along with top-quality merchandise and point-of-sale materials to support our brand.

e Liquid Brands

Some of the e-liquid brands that we have brought to market are experiencing phenomenal growth in sales, and our manufacturing partner companies are expanding to meet this demand. This is a testament to our efforts in bringing products to market as quickly as possible, and without any loss in quality control. 

Stringent guidelines

When we market an e-juice brand we are always careful to ensure that we can meet the demand, no matter how great that may be! We also ensure that the quality of our product does not suffer at any time. That's why the very stringent guidelines we have provided to our manufacturing companies must be adhered to at all times. And we ensure that best practices are followed at all times by regular batch-testing of the product. 

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